Daily updates: BBO Rainbow Teams Championship (May 3 – 9)

Round of 16

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Bucharest Seniors

La Vita E Bella



Here & There


Inglorious 8

BC Brasov


Bicolore Mixte




Try It Again

Thursday, May 6

Change of scenery after the last 3 rounds of Swiss, with Bucharest Seniors (Daniel Savin, Dan Urseanu, Serban Draghicescu, Constantin Stancescu, Radu Gliga, Cornel Matei) taking the lead in the final ranking. Second place belongs to the Indian squad Marbles and 3rd is another team of Romanians, BC Brasov.

Team Ankara lost the qualifiers by a whisker, only 0.05 VPs behind 16th place, Inglorious 8. Zia’s team and BBO’s Robots did not make the cut, finishing 26th and 33rd, respectively.

Congratulations to Top 16 finishers who move forward to the KOs as of Friday. Top 7 team captains have been invited to pick their opponents from the places 9th to 16th.

Ranking after Round 12

1Bucharest Seniors  154.27
2MARBLES  152.38
3BC Brasov  150.01
4Samsun  148.16
5ROIKO  145.93
6Bicolore Mixte  144.29
7Argenboys  143.35
8PreciSom  142.70
9BUQQY  140.72
10Goldstein  139.31
11Dwyer  134.59
12Here & There  131.02
13Binney  129.18
14TryItAgain  127.51
15La Vita E Bella  127.33
16Inglorious8  127.18
17ANKAra  127.13
18Camurkoy  124.77
19Romanian’s Beauty  123.27
20Zur  122.57
21Wu Long  122.01
22Les Berrichons  120.92
23Black Sea  120.84
24IMPressionists  119.74
25Canaspa  118.72
26Zia and Friends  115.64
27CANBC  115.08
28Turkey U21  114.98
29DINOCAN  114.04
30The Eagles  112.41
31COVID-19  111.85
32Buckeyes  108.52
33BBO Robots  105.45
34LSK plus 1  103.29
35Mixed Four  103.01
36Rive-Sud    97.10
37Precision Today    90.23
38Los Increibles    87.08
39Peef Boys    82.41
40Turkey Kids    80.77
41The Brownies    75.54
42Kildare    70.70

Wednesday, May 5

9 rounds in, Samsun (Volkan Denizci, Mithat Kusak, Yusuf Umit Yildirim, Ahmet Rifat Sahin, Tugrul Gokce, Kemal Saral) takes the lead with 130 VPs, followed by Goldstein (Stephen Goldstein, Bonnie Macbride, Leslie Paryzer, William Rogers, Bob Klein, Nancy Gunn, Erwin Lindsner, Danny Kleinman) at 117 VPs. Bucharest Seniors maintain their third place, just 1 and a half VP away.

Team Roiko falls to 7th place after three dramatic matches today. Zia & Friends drops further in 23rd place and BBO Robots finish in 33rd position.

Final details on how the KO stage will be defined are now finalized and the CoCs have been updated accordingly. Here’s how the KO matches will be determined:

  • Before the start of the knockout stage a fixed (standard) bracket will be created and the teams placed 1st – 8th in the Swiss will be seeded no. 1 – 8.
  • The teams placed 1st – 7th in the Swiss, in that order, get to choose their opponents from the teams placed 9th – 16th in the Swiss. Those chosen teams are assigned seed no. 16 – 10 respectively. The teams placed 8th in the Swiss will play the R16 against the remaining team which gets no. 9.
  • In all KO matches the higher ranked teams in the Swiss get a carry over of 0.1 IMP as a tiebreaker.

Tuesday, May 4

At the end of Round 6, team Roiko (Silvana Rojko, Cinzia Pipi, Rob Van Mourik, Leonardo Rizzo, Gq Meng, and Rob Walker), maintains a strong lead, with 91 VPs. Turkish squad Samsun (Volkan Denizci, Mithat Kusak, Yusuf Umit Yildirim, Ahmet Rifat Sahin, Tugrul Gokce, Kemal Saral) climbed up in 2nd place with 83 VPs and Bucharest Seniors are in third with 81 VPs.

Zia & Friends dropped to 16th place, after losing to BC Brasov and Here & There. BBO Robots are also down a few places, landing in 31st at the end of the second day of play.

Monday, May 3

After 3 rounds of Swiss, the field is dominated by the international team Roiko (Silvana Rojko, Cinzia Pipi, Rob Van Mourik, Leonardo Rizzo, Gq Meng, and Rob Walker), leading with 51 VPs, and by the Canadian squad Here & There (Ken Bowlby, Peter Boyd-Bowman, Mark Caplan, Steve Garner, Walt Schafer, Nathalie Shashou, Jeff Wolfson) with 50.8 VPs. Almost 6 VPs away, the Romanians at BC Brasov are in 3rd place, with Zia’s team, Zia & Friends close in 4th.

BBO’s Robots are also taking part in the action, having finished in 24th place at the end of Day 1.

The BBO Rainbow Teams Championship takes place on BBO from May 3rd until May 9th. 42 teams registered and will be playing a 4 day swiss qualifier phase, after which top 16 teams move forward to the KO phase.

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