Primrose Open Pairs: Lily Land Bridge Fest

The sweet Primrose Open Pairs charms all comers. Running at set times throughout the Lily Land Fest (May 1 – 9), this free open pairs tournament offers you the opportunity to flex your strategic prowess!  It’s free to play and perfect even for the most demanding pairs.

Click here for the Lily Land Bridge Fest Schedule

Tournament specifics

  • 18 boards
  • 7 minutes per board
  • Matchpoints
  • Free entry
  • You can register with a robot

Who can play?

Anyone can join in and play! 

How can I play?

Click Competitive ► All Tournaments (or Virtual Clubs ► BBO World) and look for “Primrose Open Pairs” (there’s a Search box at the top of the list).

When Can I play?

Primrose Open Pairs will run at 10.40 AM, 4.40 PM and 8.40 PM US Eastern Time (4.40 PM, 10.40 PM and 4.40 AM Central European Time) for the duration of the Lily Land Bridge Fest. 

<strong>Primrose Open Pairs:</strong> Lily Land Bridge Fest