SASek wins Free Weekend Survivor (April 17 - 18)

This weekend, Saturday, April 17, and Sunday, April 18, all BBOers were invited to play the Free Weekend Survivor.

Congratulations go to the winner, SASek with a score of 76.75%! Second place went to chiuandy11 (74.66%) and pavlasvo (73.19%) came in 3rd place. Well done everyone! 

Tournament summary

• 16,706 players registered to play on Saturday. Day 1 results here.
• 4,177 players qualified to play on Sunday. Final results here.

Next weekend, come and play the 2-Day Free Weekend Event. 20 boards, matchpoints. Everyone is welcome!

And remember, if you’ve reached your weekly free limit — no problem. Come over to the new version of BBO where limits are off. 

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