Henrik Hansson's Faces of Bridge

We're living in strange times right now. Times that will live long in our collective memory. Henrik Hansson's photographs of a Swedish Bridge club will remind future generations of what 'normal life' during this pandemic was like.

His series, based on the theme, 'An unusual everyday life' have been nominated for the World Press Photo of the Year in the Sport category. It doesn't get bigger than that in the world of photography.

The photos show, even in the face of a pandemic, people will find ways to meet up and continue to be social. You can see the players' reflections in the plexiglass screens. The photos are sad, haunting, but at the same time uplifting.

Take some time out today and admire these 'Faces of Bridge' - you can be sure you'll be part of the first generation of many to be captivated.

We'd like to thank Henrik Hansson for allowing us to include one of the photos on our site - see the entire series here.

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