Fred Chang wins the Spring 2021 NABC Robot Individual

The official results are in for the Spring 2021 NABC Robot Individual! We're pleased to announce that the winner is Fred Chang (fchang) with 70.35%. Timo Erkoç (MrAce) comes in second with 70.04%, closely followed by Zhenya__S in third with 69.50%. You can see the complete rankings here.

Fred's scores improved every day. On day one he scored 68.61%, day two 68.87% and on day three he hit 73.58%. Consistently high scoring, with an upward trajectory saw him finish top with an overall of 70.35%. A great achievement!

Great play also by wmou, who topped Flight B and Flight C with 68.65%.

Well done to all 3021 of you who took part in the tournament! Find out where you finished up by clicking here.

Day one results

  • 1st: JJ_ 71.96%
  • 2nd: dbl me 71.33%
  • 3rd: dchocron 71.14%

Day two results

  • 1st: Leo LaSota 78.69%
  • 2nd: razorsharp 72.98%
  • 3rd: Kampioen31 72.88%

Day three results

  • 1st: zhenya__S 76.25%
  • 2nd: wmou 73.78%
  • 3rd: fchang 73.58%

Overall results

  • 1st: fchang 70.35%
  • 2nd: MrAce 70.04%
  • 3rd: zhenya__S 69.50%

Hope everyone enjoyed the Spring NABC Robot Individual Tournament!

14 comments on “Fred Chang wins the Spring 2021 NABC Robot Individual”

  1. Look at the results of the winner, Fchang and tell me often he 'gamed' anything. He played down the middle, took his tricks and won. Learn how to do that and you might do better than to spend your time complaining anonymously.

  2. Hi,

    Feeling the need to speak up here, despite the fact I'm not a very accomplished player.

    Notwithstanding the idiosyncrasies of the robots, I enjoy playing the this NABC and other robot games, as well as playing in games with "real" people. At my intermediate level I've been able to figure a little bit about how to best play with the robots, but obviously not as well as the "experts." It still is fun. Yes it is different. Everything in Covid is different. That doesn't mean it is bad.

    To Elaine VanBriggle: The short answer, in the PDF is: Session awards, as well as overall awards in the 500 strat, for this event will be *red* masterpoints. Overall awards in the Unlimited and 2000 strats will be 1/3 gold and 2/3 red masterpoints.

    Finally, I urge people who post here to use their names, at the very least their first names, online bridge is not worth engaging in anonymous flame wars. Stand up for what you believe in (even if you disagree with what I've written here), but do it in a civil manner and realize that there are different points of view. Thank you! Jay

  3. the robots are consistent. maybe declarer falsecarded playing a king safely, thus the robot makes a different play

  4. You complainers need to understand that robot bridge isn't real bridge. The bots can't defend and are easily manipulated. I bet you wouldn't be complaining if you figured out that opening NT whenever possible, opening worse minor, and generally just not playing normal works really well (in addition to knowing how to play the hand).

    You want pure bridge? Try any other event. This is for those who know how to game the system/

  5. Well if what people are saying is true and the "experts" are gaming the system, then this is the first and last time I play a robot NABC event.

  6. I've examined a few hands and find out under the same bidding sequence and leading, the robot play differently which creates a below average result for some players. would like to find out is robot's play are consistent or just by random? If by random, this definitely not a fair game to everybody.

  7. Why is it that in category C I got an overall score of 42% and no MPs while other Category C players had worse overall scores at all levels yet got MPs?

  8. Looked at a few of the overall winners. Lots of bot manipulation going on. That has to be against the rules. Saw someone open 1NT with 5-4 in the majors and a stiff Ace of diamonds, the robot did Stayman, and the person lied with 2 diamonds, landed in 3NT and the robot defenders have no idea what's going on. Player proceeds to win almost all of the matchpoints. This happened at least a half dozen other times.

    Discouraging to try to play to win legitmately when others are doing this.

    1. The problem would be solved by only allowing a 1 nt opener with 14 to 18 , no 6 card major or 7 card minor and no singleton or void. Pretty simple to do on a computerized program.
      The other thing they do is open a 2 or 3 card minor with a 5 or 6 card major getting the bots to lead the major as the love to lead short suits!
      The program could restrict short suit openings.

      Lastly the BBO all stars frequently play 12 boards in under 15 minutes. how is this possible without a computer program assist?


  9. Are the points Red and Gold vs black. One day I came in first in my section, are they gold? Another day I got points, no 1st. Are they red? The results do not show color?

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