Register by 4pm Saturday to play the NABC Robot

NABC Robot Individual Checklist

  1. You have until Friday, March 5, 3PM EST, 2021 to update your ACBL membership if you want to play in the NABC Robot Individual. Here are the links for both new player memberships and renewals:

    ACBL Membership renewals -
    New player registrations -
  2. You also need to register your ACBL number on BBO - Click here to register your ACBL number on BBO

What is the NABC Robot?

It’s a three-day stratified (Unlimited/2000/500) online event hosted by BBO. Join the fun — and win big — Red/Gold masterpoints as well as an NABC title up for grabs.

  1. ACBL Masterpoints (Red and Gold), as well as an NABC title!
  2. Event Date: March 6-8, 2021 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). 24 boards per day
  3. You choose your own start time and have until midnight EST to complete your 24 boards
  4. It’s stratified to level the playing field – Unlimited/2000/500. Non North American players are considered unlimited
  5. Event format is similar to the Daylong or ACBL Daylong tournaments on BBO

How to register?

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14 comments on “Register by 4pm Saturday to play the NABC Robot”

  1. If you are registered you should be able to play it. Click on ACBL World, then click on the first tournament;

  2. I have registered for this robot - individual tournament. I wish to withdraw my entry. I will NOT be playing.....

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