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18 comments on “Weekly Highlights:”

  1. know that it is not easy to be a director in these times.
    I know that partners do converse with each other.
    I know that when someone marks themselves as novice they could be a teacher, or when one partner makes a forcing bid and after their own private conversations they can skew the bidding and I could go on and on…and it’s happened to my partners and me.
    BUT…when the majority of players are in the same contract and we get fixed by a situation like this and we ask for a ruling…it is the same ruling every time…partners can do what ever they want…we can’t control that… I wonder to myself again and again why you bother to pay them if they don’t do anything.
    For eg. Bidding such as (opp)…1c - 1d, 1nt( with 4 spades and 4 hearts, 4c and 1d), pass by his partner who has 4 spades….they got a top while everyone else is in spades.
    1sp - 1 nt (forcing), pass…for a top for opp
    This is frustrating! And NOT at all enjoyable.
    After nearly 2 years one would think you could get a better handle on all these situations and maybe it’s time the directors read out the riot act.
    I have been on bridge base since it’s inception, I spend about 100$ every 6 weeks . For my money I would hope to have more controls and better game quality by BBO.
    Thank you for letting me vent!
    I far preferred bbo to okbridge but maybe?????
    And I am talking for many of my partners. ( I play approximately 4 x a week with partners and at least 1 other game a day)
    Peggy Fixman
    This was sent and receipt was acknowledged on November 8,2021…It is now 1 month later and STILL NO REPLY.
    You take our money but do not follow up on issues…shame on you!

    1. Click ACBL World and look through the first tourneys posted, or use the Search box at the top of the list to search for 299

    1. Hi Juliane, Candy Apple tournament can be found in Free tournaments area. Tournament is hosted by BBOFest, it is 1 tournament in each hour starting from 5AM till 8 PM US Estern

  2. I want to find a game that starts early, eastern time. I found the following in your, "This Week's Highlights" but when you go to get onto the game it says it starts at 093.0 and 1030? Is there an earlier game, and how do I find it?

    Candy Apple Pairs (0-500 BBO Points)
    WhenMon, October 18, 5:30am – 7:30pm
    DescriptionTournament for beginner - intermediate players, restricted to players with less than 500 BBO Points. Starts every hour, at 30 minutes past the hour.

    5:30 AM until 7:30 PM New York Time

  3. So, when/how did BBO transport me from Wisconsin to the Azores? (time zone)

    BBO Events
    Saturday, September 11

    3:00pm Sparkling Swiss Team (11AM US Eastern)
    7:00pm ACBL Swiss Teams (3PM US Eastern)
    7:00pm Sparkling Swiss Teams (3PM US Eastern)

    7:30pm ACBL 0-499 Pairs (3:30 PM US Eastern)
    11:00pm Sparkling Swiss Team (7PM US Eastern)
    Sunday, September 12
    Sparkling Swiss Team (7PM US Eastern)
    Sat, September 11, 11:00pm – Sun, September 12, 12:30am
    Swiss Teams Tournament. 3 rounds of 6 boards. IMPs converted to VPs.
    more details» copy to my calendar

    3:00pm Sparkling Swiss Team (11AM US Eastern)

    7:00pm ACBL Swiss Teams (3PM US Eastern)
    7:00pm Sparkling Swiss Teams (3PM US Eastern)
    11:00pm Sparkling Swiss Team (7PM US Eastern)

  4. Will there be a Swiss Team Sunday August 15 at 7 PM EST? It was on the calendar last week, but there was not Swiss game at 7 PM

    1. There is a regular 7PM Swiss Teams offered by BBOFest. You will find it in Competitive -> Free Tournaments, or in Virtual Clubs -> BBO World.

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