Gwnn’s Instant Tournament Marathon

Gwnn managed to finish 50 Instant Tournaments in about 11 hours of non stop play, averaging almost 60% and collecting a little over 14 points. Thanks for the ride, Csaba! Click here for the IT Marathon Scores

One of our favourite twitch streamers, gwnn (guy with no name) has set himself a crazy challenge this weekend:

50 instant tournaments back to back!

Despite his handle, Gwnn actually has a name (if you’re curious you can find out more here).

Going where no one has ever been before, he’ll be live streaming everything on twitch. Will he succeed? How long will he take to complete his 50 tournaments?

Get behind him and follow his progress in real time on Vugraph this Saturday, from 6AM US Eastern Time (noon Central European Time) until 6PM US Eastern (midnight in Central Europe).

Cheer him on, shout him a beer, a Red Bull or an adrenaline shot! He’ll sure need it!

Good luck Gwnn!