Hollywood Magic Regional

Lights. Camera. Masterpoints!

If you're in need of Red and Gold Masterpoints, look no further. Hollywood Magic, ACBL's latest regionally rated event runs February 18-21. There's something for everyone with side games, single and two session events throughout the tournament. 

For all the details visit the ACBL website or download the tournament flyer here.

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19 comments on “Hollywood Magic Regional”

  1. Very difficult to find this tournament on BBO!! Was looking for the Early Bird Tow Session event, and it was not findable under any of those words. Finally located it under the listing of all tournaments by scrolling down to the approximate start time and finding it listed as "Gold Rush Pairs" -- WHAT??? Whoever is making these messages ought to be clear how to find the tournament on the BBO site.

  2. Side game question: If I have 729 points and my partner has 110, would we be C players in the side game series?

    1. You can find the games for the HollywoodMagic Tournament by clicking on ACBL World (under featured tournaments). They are listed by event name (you won't see the words "Hollywood" or "Magic" or "Regional". The games will not appear until two hours before game time

  3. please post the entire schedule of events and times for your or my time zone [EST], or if a synopsis please send full particulars as an attachment to an email to me
    Thank you

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