Streaming BBO Content

Do you love sharing your passion for bridge? Do you make videos or live streams while playing on BBO? If so, this is for you.

It's great to see players sharing their love for bridge with other players around the world. We want to help streamers continue sharing, teaching and entertaining while protecting the safety and privacy of our community.

We have put together a fan policy here. Please read and adhere to it when streaming. Please contact us with any questions at anytime. 

I have a channel and I would like to stream BBO

  1. You can send us your username and a link to your channel, and if we love your work we might sponsor your game play with free BB$ and Prime membership! Get in touch at -- Even if we can't sponsor you right away we will enjoy seeing what you do and follow your channel.

  2. We have only one requirement when doing so; please be responsible and careful about other people's feelings. Don't live stream without a reasonable delay from a live event that prohibits kibitzers and don't make other people look bad in your videos. Banter among friends is OK, but making fun of people who aren't aware they're being streamed is not.

Pssssssst, we also host a Twitch Community Daylong every Friday - we'd be happy to add your username to the list of players so you can play and compare with fellow streamers. 

Junior World Champion Christian Jolly delay streaming from a teams event on his twitch channel

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