Winners: Three Day Auld Lang Syne Survivor - 21 Jumpstart

Among BBO's 21 Jumpstart numerous attractions this weekend was the Auld Land Syne three day Robot Survivor, with 50% cut from one day to another, not a game for the faint hearted!

Congratulations to the Three Day Auld Lang Syne Robot Survivor winners:

  • 1st place: ralphparke (76.06%)
  • 2nd place: 1mec18 (75.02%)
  • 3rd place: thwolf (74.73%)
    • 10 BB$ for 1st place
    • 5 BB$ for places 2 through 10

• 16,016 players registered to play on Friday. Day 1 results here.
• 8,008 players qualified to play on Saturday. Day 2 results here.
• 4,004 players made it to the Finals, on Sunday. Final results here.

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