Recovery Super Sunday Daylong Winners – 21 Jumpstart

This weekend’s Super Sunday Daylong was dubbed the Recovery Daylong, giving a chance to all bridge fans who got eliminated in the Three Day Auld Lang Syne Survivor to recover with this free consolation daylong open to all.

And the winners are: yfping with a score of 84.25%, al_terego in second place at 82.14% and Duff1964 in third with 80.24%.

21,605 players registered to play the Recovery Daylong this Sunday. You can find the full results here.

As promised there were BB$ prizes too. Where there were too many ties we flipped a coin to pick the winner.

Well done everyone and we hope you had fun!

1yfping10 BB$
2al_terego5 BB$
3Duff19645 BB$
4ugisj5 BB$
5Manguni015 BB$
6fizzcat5 BB$
7Donnie565 BB$
8Davel19585 BB$
8nimishvaya5 BB$
10mahmut235 BB$
10000 ABD5 BB$
100smsh5 BB$
1,000yelkovan5 BB$
10,000Michciox5 BB$