Weekly Highlights: December 20 - 26

  • DailyEvery Hour
    • Hot Dog Speedball -Pairs
    • Cotton Candy – Pairs
    • Candy Apple – Pairs
    • Churros Open – Pairs

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12 comments on “Weekly Highlights: December 20 - 26”

  1. I haven’t been able to add a new convention card for 2 months! So annoying as I would like to play for MPs with other friends

  2. I have never left a tournament midway. Still When I register for a new free tournament, the message says my completion percentage is not enough. Can this be rectified ?

    1. The player with the crown can get you back in but I do not know how else you can do it. One problem if you do get back to the table is that the screen freezes sometimes and the hand has to be re-dealt

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