2020 Cheers for Volunteers

It’s time for BBO and BBOers to show their gratitude to the volunteers who quietly dedicate their time and efforts to make BBO a wonderful place for players all over the world!

This weekend we’ll organize a “Cheers for Volunteers Tourney”, with plenty fun contests, questions and BB$ prizes, where all the yellow hosts, TDs, commentators, translators and volunteers are welcome to participate. Kibitzing is allowed and everyone is welcome to watch and cheer for their favorite helpers.


  • Saturday, December 19 at  2PM EDT (8PM CET): Cheers for Volunteers, hosted by Aurora
  • Fun questions, lucky prizes and BB$ awards.

How to join?

  • Click COMPETITIVE – Tournaments – Free Tournaments
  • Look for the Cheers for Volunteers Tournament, hosted by Aurora


  • Open to BBO hosts, TDs, vugraph commentators and organizers, translators, Lobby News authors, Forum moderators, volunteer testers and anyone who is helping BBO.

Good luck and have fun!

Dear volunteers, we thank you for your contribution to making BBO a better place!

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6 comments on “2020 Cheers for Volunteers”

  1. Volunteers are the lifeblood of Bridge and should be harnessed, encouraged and respected. One very important point is that one does not have to be a good bridge player to be an outstanding administrator. Thank you to you all!

  2. Special thanks to those who help with IAC (isn't that Curls77 on the illustration, the one with the red moustache?) and ACBL TD's of course. I've also had very good help from support people. TYVM !H.

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