ACBL Winter Wonderland - 'tis the season for Gold!

With the colder weather and shorter days comes Winter Wonderland, an ACBL festive season treat. This regionally rated tournament has gold masterpoints® up for grabs!

Stock up on your favorite bridge playing snacks and join us for four days of events. With stratified two-session and single-session events, there will be something for players of all levels. This event will take place on BBO from December 17 to December 20.

As a holiday bonus if you play in three sessions you'll get the fourth session free! The ACBL will refund every fourth session entry fee (e.g. fourth session, eighth session and so on). This will appear back in your Bridge Base Online account the following week. You can earn this reward in any combination of one and two-session events.

Click on the links below for all the details of this regionally rated event:
Details of the event (link to ACBL website)
Schedule (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

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24 comments on “ACBL Winter Wonderland - 'tis the season for Gold!”

  1. Will all pairs play all other pairs in a section or will "luck of the draw" have an outsized influence on who plays whom and with which hands? This happened in the first Regional this year and is prima facia unfair.

  2. In the gold rush 0-750, is it just the winners of the session that receive gold, or do they give gold to the winners in the stratification

  3. I just passed 750 points in mid Dec--can game with my partner--do they look at Nov points or do they count pending too? I play in 0-750

  4. This is the 3rd time bridge base has kicked us off for no reason after we have
    have paid. I have e-mailed them and received no answer. Please explain

    1. $15 per player per session. If you play 4 sessions, the entry fee for your 4th session will be refunded to your BB$ acct (buy 3, get one free!) Same for 8 sessions, 12 sessions, etc.

    1. Yes, you will need a partner. There is a partnership desk available for each event. Entry fee is $15 per person per session

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