2020 Fall NAOBC Winners

Open Teams

1. LEVINE (Mike Levine, Eddie Wold, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, Geir Helgemo, Tor Helness)
2. KOLESNIK (Finn Kolesnik, Jacob Freeman, Bob Hamman, Peter Weichsel, Bart Bramley, Kit Woolsey)

0-5000 Teams

1. TODD (Katherine Todd, Marcel Verhaegen, Gabriele Zanasi, Christian Lahrmann, Castor Mann)
2. GOULDING (Philip Goulding, Craig Biddle, Alan Leaver, Robert Zimmermann, James Fox)

0-1500 Teams

1. ROCKOFF (Kyle Rockoff, Daniel Weiss, Gan Yang, Tak Chun Wong, Sarik Goyal, Ben Fisk)
2. GE (Xin Ge, Sarah Chen, Serena Guo, Wanwan Ren, Brandon Ge, Brent Xiao)

Open Pairs

1. Jack Oest - David Caprera
2. Geoff Hampson - Ralph Katz
3. Mark Lair - Nersi Nazari

0-5000 Pairs

1. Imran Abedi - Rizwan Mumtaz
2. Ashwini Datar - Vilas Namjoshi
3. Ron Karr - David Neuman

0-1500 Pairs

1. Anda Cosma - Marius Cosma
2. Mark Rappaport - Larisa Rappaport
3. Vito Perillo - Beverly Simpson

ACBL's 2020 Fall North American Online Bridge Championships took place on BBO, November 27 to December 6.

The Fall NAOBC featured two high-level events: the Premier Knockout Teams (Nov 27-Dec 6) and the Premier Pairs (Dec 5-6). Both events offered three flights: Open, 0-5000, and 0-1500 and all flights awarded NABC titles.


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