Winners & Reunion Tournament Autumn 2020

WBF Women’s Autumn Festival 2020

Winners of the 2020 WBF Women’s Autumn Festival (November 9 - 15) will be officially announced on Friday, December 11 in a special WBF Women’s Festival Reunion tournament at 2PM EDT (8PM CET). The closing tournament is free. Please join us in celebrating the winners! Look for host Women_Fest in the Free Tournaments area.

For more information about the Festival please visit the International Women’s Online Bridge Club official site.

Overall Winners

RankPlayerTotal scoreBB$ PrizeWBF Points
3wiskey04 5.00$20100
4Dropke 4.68$1080
5zedcat39 4.56$1060
6tagha 4.52$540
7VictoriaH3 4.49$520
8ani123 4.45$518
9skiba 4.43$516
10arielsp 4.24$514
11Fizzcat 4.15$314
14vicky82 3.18$38
15taxygal 3.08$37
Indy (human) WinnersIndy (robot) WinnersPairs Winners
Rank | Player | Score
1. tagha – 2.03
2. Dropke  – 1.91
3. VictoriaH3  – 1.56
Rank | Player | Score
1. lilu64– 4.58
2. MarinTlc – 4.34
3. wiskey04 – 3.41
Rank | Player | Score
1. arielsp – 3.26
3. Fizzcat – 2.99
3. Dropke – 2.92


  • Signed certificates from the WBF for top 3 players in each event.
  • WBF Online Master Points will be awarded to leading 20 players in the overall classification.
  • BBO Points will be awarded based on the size of the field.
  • BB$ prizes will be assigned according to the rankings in each tournament, as well as for the overall classification.

All the results are here.

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One comment on “Winners & Reunion Tournament Autumn 2020”

  1. Thank you for publishing results of the tournaments. I understand not publishing real identities, but only online names, but it would be interesting to me to know where the winners were from. Is it acceptable to possibly publish location of winners?

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