Winners of 2 Day Free Weekend Event (Nov. 28 - 29)

This weekend, Saturday, November 28, and Sunday, November 29, all BBOers were invited to play the 2 Day Free Weekend Event.

The winner is pappoo with a score of 75.89%! Second place went to pappoo (74.67%) and tom_77 (74.43%) got 3rd place. Well done everyone! 

• 15,750 players registered to play on Saturday. Day 1 results here.
• 11,645 players qualified to play on Sunday. Day 2 results here.
• Overall results here

Next weekend come play the Free Weekend Survivor. All welcome!

And remember, if you reached your weekly free limit — no problem. Come over to the new version of BBO where limits are off.

Super Sunday Daylong

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2 comments on “Winners of 2 Day Free Weekend Event (Nov. 28 - 29)”

  1. I have observed that a player Usla continuously scores more than 74% in Day long paid tournaments, I could not find out the reason. He may be a great player, but it is not possible to be consistently scoring more than 74%. Yes experts may be consistent in scoring more than 65%, but a score of 75% always is not possible even for super experts.

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