NABC Robot Individual: Day 3 in progress

3,259 players registered to ACBL’s 2020 Fall NABC Robot Individual (November 21-23). This is the last day of this 3-day event.

Day 1 and day 2 are over, and preliminary results can be accessed by clicking this link. The official results will be announced after the cheating checks are completed.

rvickery is leading after the 2nd session, with 70.36%. kalem, is in second place with a score of 69.98%. PSMartin, is currently in third place with a score of 69.49%.

DAY 1 Winners

1. vbartone (Strat A 77.57%), 2. kalem (Strat A 74.51%) and 3. StiffK (Strat B 71.52%)

DAY 2 Winners

1. strei1 (Strat A 74.99%), dsm87 (Strat B 74.96%) and rogerclee ( Strat A 72.77%)

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4 comments on “NABC Robot Individual: Day 3 in progress”

  1. I got coffee housed by a robot! I had KJT9xxx of diamonds opposite Ax. I led the J to A and led a low diamond off the dummy and right hand robot took time to think before playing is only remaining diamond! That is bull...

  2. I am online now, just started the first round and my robot partner has stuck/frozen in the bidding. What do I do?

    1. Happened to me also. Log out, log back in and they'll give you the exact same screen, including the cards already played to the trick. Slick!

  3. I was ill over the weekend and missed the first two days--although I had signed up. Is it possible for me to play in tne 3rd day? Where do I find it on BBO?

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