Weekly Highlights: November 22 - 28

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    • Hot Dog Speedball -Pairs
    • Cotton Candy – Pairs
    • Candy Apple – Pairs
    • Churros Open – Pairs

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12 comments on “Weekly Highlights: November 22 - 28”

  1. i show here are thri will like the sale tornament and I will like to buy. But I cannot find it anymore inbbi will like to buy it

  2. Bob,
    Here is the reply I received when I asked the same question about non life masters games.

    I am sorry for the disappointment caused by the removal of the Non-Life Master
    games from our BBO-ACBL schedule. We were not having enough participation in
    those games, so we are evaluating other game activities for NLM players. Watch
    the News Feed (from the BBO Home screen, select Messages and then News) for announcements.--
    Shelagh Paulsson
    BBO Customer Support - ACBL
    BBO yellow host - shep
    All non life masters that wish to have the game reestablished should speak up. Maybe if there is enough interest they will restart the game.

    1. please consider how non life masters get silver if they are constantly in games with life masters and above--

  3. Do the ACBL SYC Black Point Daylong (MP) 18-board robot games pay double points with 25% Gold this week like the other SYC games?

  4. This happened to me, and I was impressed that the NACB contacted me to inform me that my entry fee was refunded.
    Good luck.

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