Weekly Highlights: November 15 - 21

  • Daily, Every Hour
    • Hot Dog Speedball -Pairs
    • Cotton Candy - Pairs
    • Candy Apple - Pairs
    • Churros Open - Pairs

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18 comments on “Weekly Highlights: November 15 - 21”

  1. The fastest road to improving your bridge game is to actively seek out the best opposition available. There were no limited masterpoint games when I joined in the 70's. We went to a few Regionals, when, as a team, we had under 50 masterpoints. We entered the knockout teams, .knowing that, as the bottom team in the field ( and it was all 1 field in those days ) we would get to play 32 boards against the top team in the event. We lost by 100 of course, but what a bridge lesson it was to play over 3 hours against players that good. When our opps found out about our point totals and that we were there to learn, they very graciously took a minute or 2 at the end of every hand to explain something about the bidding or play.
    If you want to learn, there is no better way than playing "up"

  2. whine whine or is it wine wine?? My opinion best way to learn is against better players...........aka learn at the table

    1. Absolutely! No other game allows a complete novice to compete against the very best in the game. What a privilege to sit down at a table and realize your opponents are authors of bridge books you are studying, winners of the World Cup, Reisinger, etc. etc. In my opinion, playing against the top players is the best and fastest way to become a good bridge player without acquiring some really bad habits.

  3. Reply to 48640T item 2: ACBL cancelled 3 daily NLM games due to lack of participation. They said they’re trying to think of another option. I sent ACBL an email asking for once daily NLM to be reinstated and gave my reasons. My partner and I now play in Virtual Club restricted 199er, 499er games when offered. The Open games have too much special bidding was one of my reasons.

    1. I agree that even one NLM game a day would be valuable to those newer to the game for whom playing against strong players all the time is non motivating. Not everyone even has a virtual club opportunity available to them. Thanks.

  4. (1) Are interim results for daylong tourneys no longer being provided? (2) Are there any pair games for non-life masters? (3) Is it possible to find a schedule for the week in advance? Thanks.

  5. A robot tournament where if you’re over 2000 points, you have to play in the unlimited bracket? You expect those of us with not many more than 2000 points to go up against players with more than three, four, five times the number of points we have? Seriously?

  6. Can the EBU20b convention card be uploaded onto the BBO, it is appreciated that the BBO is predominantly American, however an increasing number of British bridge players are regular participants.

  7. We are having trouble getting all 4 players to sit in our game. Trying to set up a game on the casual site. We have been doing this for years and have had no problems. In the last month the system will not recognize all 4 of us, usually 3 get on in the reserve seats but the system will not accept the fourth player.
    Can you suggest something?

    1. Yes, the NABC Robot Individual (Nov. 21-23) awards Gold and/or Red points. The event is stratified (open/2000/500), and players are split in sections for increasing opportunities for rewards.

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