Weekly Highlights: November 1-7

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10 comments on “Weekly Highlights: November 1-7”

  1. I have heard that BBO has discontinued the NLM game which is really crummy. There are no opportunities for NLMs to play with their peers at a low cost unlike those who have the opportunities to play competitively and repeatedly throughout the day for $1.75 on ACBL World. I am going to look for other non BBO bridge games online.

  2. the same again > pay a few dollars
    maybe the robot will let you win one
    but rather it will take everything away 🙂

  3. Same problem - I've been trying to bring up a 12 or 18 board Robot game but keep getting a message that no tournament game is available

  4. I had a difficuot time gettin one, mssed the tgame, and finallyh found an internet site for THIS type of game.

    I wonder if it's because of the election, the internet is overused, or somebody is hacking; but the list on the ites for this game was different, and I want to get on tomorrow. i hope it will work better.

  5. What is going on with the site? Not able to get on site, not able to find non life Master tournament. Everyone is complaining so what is going on.

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