Halloween Party with Aurora

It's that time of the year again, the time for horror stories, ghosts, bats, vampires and witches. And who would be more suitable to host a BBO Halloween Party if not yours truly, direct descendant of Count Dracula, Romanian witch and yellow host -- Aurora!

Join us on Saturday for a free tournament, open to all, to share scary stories, superstitions, photos of your pumpkins and Halloween decorations or your favorite Halloween outfit.

Lets Party!

Saturday, October 31 at 3PM US Eastern Time (8PM Central European Time).

Click COMPETITIVE, then Free Tournaments and search for the Halloween Party Tournament, or for yellow host Aurora.

Who can play?
All BBOers are welcome.

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As usual, a free Romanian tip for you: rub your door and window frames with garlic to keep the undead away.

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10 comments on “Halloween Party with Aurora”

  1. Hi it would have been nice to know that this is a partnership tournament. I don't have a partner and I don't have any BBO $ to buy a robot partner and not sure I want a robot p.

    Next time, please provide all the info needed.

    I was really looking forward to playing. I'm very disappointed.


  2. Personally, I smear the stank of my bad-bridge on the commode, but that seems only to attract predatory bridge-vultures and ravenous bridge-roaches 🙂 Am I doing it wrong??

  3. Personally, I smear the stank of my bad-bridge on my door-frame, but that only draws the predatory bridge-vultures and ravenous bridge-roaches 🙁 Was I wrong?


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