BIC Practice: Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our free Bridge International Championship Practice event. We hope you enjoyed the warm-up and you are now ready to dive into the first ever Bridge International Championship - an event organized in partnership with the World Bridge Federation.

RankPlayerCountryAvg scorePrize*
1fchangUnited States               72.256 entries
2smilingcatUnited States               71.694 entries
3brokecountUnited States               70.592 entries
4ZmeyBulgaria               69.321 entry
5KalligrIceland               68.051 entry
6DarthCanada               67.831 entry
7matthewbNew Zealand               67.661 entry
8muKoloUnited States               67.201 entry
9rlbkwdUnited States               67.081 entry
10manolinoItaly               67.021 entry
*Free entry/entries to the Bridge International Championship Qualifier tournaments on Monday, October 26.

Saturday Winner - BIC Free Practice

Best scorer in Saturday's free Bridge International championship Practice tournaments comes from the United Kingdom: biggeek achieved an impressive 80.55% in the 4th BIC practice tourney which, combined with his 67.35% in BIC Practice #3 earned him one free entry to the BIC Qualifiers on Monday.

Friday Winner - BIC Free Practice

Friday's winner in the BIC Practice tournaments is fchang, from the United States, with an average score of 76.04%. In second place is gdum111 from Romania, with 74.99% and close in third is thetaker, from Germany (74.60%). Well done, and congratulations to fchang, who wins one free BIC Qualifier tournament entry.

Good luck all!

Leaders - BIC Free Practice

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8 comments on “BIC Practice: Winners”

  1. I , akbhhadra,rankinge 5471 like to inform you that I played 4th round too but it's not accounted in the results. I would request you to kindly check the reason of omission..... thanking you,

    A K Bhadra

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