ACBL Regional: Fall into bridge and Harvest gold points

Don’t get swept away by the whirlwind of autumn leaves when you can get swept up into earning gold ACBL masterpoints®!

Join ACBL on BBO for Fall Into Bridge regionally rated event from October 15 to 18 and try to shine: 4 days of two-sessions and single-session events offering gold and red points. All players will find something to play

See the event schedule for details and check the FAQ for more information on participation. (There are also several upcoming Zoom sessions with tournament directors about filling out and posting convention cards.)

Interested in reading daily features and learning from bridge celebrities during the event? Daily Bulletins will be posted on BridgeFeed each day, and there will also be mini-lessons from renowned teachers and players posted online.

What: ACBL Fall Into Bridge / Pairs event
When: October 15th to 18th (Thursday-Sunday)
Awards: ACBL Gold and Red Masterpoints ®
Entry fee: $15 per player (Daily single-session events) / $30 per player (Daily two-session events)
Limits: ACBL members

How do you register?

To find ACBL tournaments click on COMPETITIVE > ACBL MASTERPOINTS TOURNAMENTS or click on ACBL WORLD from the main menu then look for the tournament you want to register then register you and your partner.

Entries open two hours before the first session of each tournament event. Be online with your partner on the BBO site and ready to play at least 10 minutes before game start time.

What else you need to know?


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67 comments on “ACBL Regional: Fall into bridge and Harvest gold points”

  1. Are BBO points considered for eligibility for the mid-flight games? I just saw a player with over 5000 BBO points playing in the 3000 & under game.

  2. There is a delay in adding my winning master points to my BBO account. After placing first in a tournament on Friday, the red master points are still not in my account. Please look at the logistics.

  3. We were in the Apple Picking Pairs waiting for afternoon tournment to begin and got kicked out and cannot return

  4. My red points from a Flickering Leaves session on Thursday and on Friday are not showing up in overall MPs for tournament. What do my partner and I need to do to correct this?
    Thank you,

  5. We played in 5:30pm and paid $60 for me (RB356@aol) and Ritapenney) When we tried to get on at 9pm we arere both blocked from entering the tournament. We would both like to play in the 2pm tournament tomorrow. Please advise.

  6. All of your tournaments make it really hard for people who live on the west coast. You are asking us to start playing at 7:15/7:30 /7:30 in the morning, in order to compete for gold.

    I would think that you would at least vary the start times for different tournaments instead of always favoring the east coast people.

    1. We tried to make a two-session event available for folks on the West Coast and folks on the East coast.
      For West Coast players there is a two-session Gold Rush Pair event starting at 2:15 West Coast time

  7. I want to challenge the directror's call on board 15. POur op[p[opnents did not bid for 5 miomnujtes. Ee wre then shorted on time. The director called it 3nt -1 and many other tables made 3nt + 2 which we would habve.

  8. I have just over 3,000 points but my partner has considerably less. May we average our points to play in the Midflight two-session game, or, because I have over 3,000, must we play in the "unlimited" games?

    1. No, in order to enter an event, neither player may have over the top limit. Both players must have under 300 masterpoints to play in the Mid _Flight Events . Once you have entered an event, the stratification is by average. So yes, your only option is the Unlimited Events

  9. Can you explain why you are charging 15$ a session when you do not have any venue costs (which are huge) and no hospitality costs? It seems like a huge money grab!! And for only 18 boards I believe

  10. good morning
    I have ASKED 2 directors, one right after the game, they don.t seem to know
    Maybe someone can help me understand.
    Why when on your card the percentage could be 62.8%
    and on final tally down to 61%

  11. Why play 3 boards against 6 pairs instead of 2 boards against 9 pairs? Playing only against 6 other pairs in a field of over 100 pairs to determine 'winner' is insane.

  12. I wanted to know if you can play one game in the morning and follow up with the second game at night? or do you have to follow the sequence of what they are showing me ? also how long is each session?

    1. You can play in any single session game at any time. 499er and 99er games are all separate games and you can play as many in a day as you like. You can also play any single session Side Game and play as many in a day as you wish. If you want to be eligible for the overall awards in any Side Game Series you must play at least two games in that series (in other words, two games on different days at the same time of day).

  13. I noticed that 1 BBO costs 1.95 CAD which is much more than the exchange rate. Why is that? That means that in CAD this tournament would cost me $58.49 CAD a session.

    1. For any event that is listed as a "two-session event" on the schedule, including Two-Session Open Pairs, Mid-Flight Pairs and Gold Rush Pairs, you must play in both sessions. You can play in the side game series if you'd prefer to play in single session events. If you play at the same time in more than one side game (e.g. Thurs at 10:45 and Fri at 10:45), you are eligible for Gold Points, but to win gold points you must come in first overall in your section and director or have two very good games in order to come in the overall awards (which are not stratified)

  14. Next time, please use West Coast time (PT) or have a separate tournament for the West Coast - Hawaii.

    Having to play at 7:15 in the morning is simply too early. When you attend a Regional, the times are where it is being played, not all ET.

    1. Yes, there is a partnership desk available for each event. Click on the event as if to register and you'll see "partnership desk" in the upper right hand corner.

  15. When I click on FAQ, nothing happens. Is that the same for everyone?

    I clicked on FAQ to try to find out if a session is 18 boards or 24 boards. With the FAQ link not operating, that information seems to be unavailable. Also, is it 6 minutes per board?

  16. Can my 85 year old mom play in these tournaments with me ,, she has an ACBL number but doesn’t want to renew membership . .

    1. Yes, as long as she has an active ACBL number she can play in these events even if her dues are not paid up. But if she has not renewed her membership in several years, you might want to contact the membership department at ACBL to make sure her membership is still active.

  17. In the daily side game series. Can a person play with one partner every day in one of the games in the morning, and then be ranked on the best 2 games? Can that same person also play with a different partner in one of the games in the afternoon, and then be ranked separately on the best 2 games? If convenient, for an early response would be welcomed.

    1. Yes, you can play with one partner in the 10:45 a.m. Side Series and your two best games will count toward the overall rankings. You can play with a different partner in the afternoon series and your two best scores will count toward the overalls in that Side Series. In fact, you can play with different partners in any game in a side series (one partner at 10:45 on Thurs and a different partner at 10:45 on Friday) and your two best games will count towards the overalls. The overalls For any Side Game Series are based on individual results, not pair results.

  18. Only 18 boards a session? Will you at least make it two boards a round so we could play more than 40% of the pairs of our section [60%]. Otherwise it’s nothing more than a money-grubbing event. For those of us used to real Regionals, 3 boards a round, 18 total boards, make bridge a game of luck, sill almost totally irrelevant.

  19. Heavy emphasis to the request for Silver events. I realize that these are traditionally Sectionals and hence section-run, but the offerings have been sparse and not advertised. I am already a LM+, but I know several folks with enough black and gold but still starved for silver. Want to draw them to full day events? Silver (and advertising the events outside the section) is the answer!

  20. in the events do you need to play with the same partner in the double time events? Also how do i know if my acbl # is current? Some people are saying their numbers have been changed?

    1. You must play with the same partner in any two-session event. To make sure your ACBL number is attached to your BBO account, from the main menu, choose ACBL World (under featured areas) then click on "Add your ACBL number" to make sure your ACBL number is correct

  21. I was excited to join the Zoom meeting, How to Fill Out a Convention Card...Friday, Oct 9, 10am and the host never showed. Help please.

    1. happy to help, add vacb206037 to your friends, send me a chat when you want to work on CC, if you still need help

  22. SILVER - can you please - pretty please - offer some Silver events. Thanks bunches from us folks that need silver... Leslie

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