May 2024 BBOers Festival Winners

May's Festival news round-up

The May Festival has now come to an end, and here's how things panned out. In the Country vs. Country Championships, Türkiye came out on top with a score of 58.23%. In second place is Poland with its 159 players scoring 57.18%. Very closely behind, Indonesia finished third with 55 players, scoring 57.16%.

Special congratulations go to all of the players who made it on the May's podiums. See below to see who's name is up in lights this month! Thanks go to everyone who took part for making the May festival so much fun!

May's Podiums

Country vs Country Championship3-Day Robot Survivor3-Day Mini SurvivorStars and Platinum Robot Individual
Emre Kaya
( emre kaya)
Slawek Piechocki
(9 kenomed)
( jachu93)
Erli Zhou
Frederic Boldt
To Ja
( mlodygda83)
Jo Arne Ovesen
( Jo-Arne)
Gill Sitarenios 
( GILL) 
Hilik Shimoni
( 1hilik)
 profikhoAre Nesdal
( vise3232)
Mikolaj Taczewski
( mundi82)

Quicklinks to the results

Country vs Country
3 Day Robot Survivor
3 Day Mini Survivor

Country vs Country Championship

Country vs Country Prize Winners

RankPlayerCountryScore (%)PointsPrize
1emre kayaTürkiye68.2665.92100 BB$
2FredericGermany67.1765.4850 BB$
31hilikIsrael67.165.2525 BB$
4guzidentisTürkiye66.9264.8110 BB$
5elbecItaly66.7664.610 BB$
6gtatarWorld66.6664.3810 BB$
7npassellUnited States66.2663.9410 BB$
8giuseppeItaly66.0363.7310 BB$
9grzes33Poland65.9563.5110 BB$
10AndrenSweden65.7463.310 BB$
11imumcuogluTürkiye65.6163.085 BB$
12onur_01Türkiye65.3862.875 BB$
13ltsui10World65.3162.665 BB$
14doctor038United Kingdom65.2662.455 BB$
15tec1234South Africa64.9162.245 BB$
16400 VoltGermany64.8362.035 BB$
17general52Türkiye64.4761.615 BB$
18yrchengCanada64.4161.45 BB$
19parnassos2Poland64.3660.785 BB$
19yigit94World64.3660.785 BB$
19GorotheshaBulgaria64.3660.785 BB$
22plucianRomania64.2160.375 BB$
23Garant_7World64.1960.175 BB$
24kimpalichSweden64.0959.765 BB$
24jaraasWorld64.0459.565 BB$
24everyPoland6459.365 BB$
27litlejscavUnited States63.8959.165 BB$
28magic_82United States63.8658.965 BB$
29danraiUnited States63.8158.765 BB$
30lazkarGreece63.7358.565 BB$
31calyesilUnited States63.6358.363 BB$
32askenasWorld63.5758.173 BB$
33osddTürkiye63.5657.973 BB$
34brucie706World63.557.583 BB$
35tapaskkIndia63.4357.293 BB$
35JerseyPaulWorld63.4357.293 BB$
37zhenya__SUnited States63.24573 BB$
38ppvv123Romania63.1556.813 BB$
39matthewbUnited Kingdom63.1356.613 BB$
40freckkDenmark63.1256.423 BB$
41ledeburitTürkiye63.0856.231 BB$
42cronopio14World63.0356.041 BB$
43dadelivaWorld63.0155.761 BB$
43cngzUnited States63.0155.761 BB$
45zgerWorld6355.481 BB$
46westrupDenmark62.9955.291 BB$
47Cheyenne_4World62.9455.11 BB$
48talia_World62.9354.921 BB$
49loe58World62.954.641 BB$
49kelanIreland62.954.641 BB$
50marabelleGermany62.8954.361 BB$

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3-Day Robot Survivor


RankPlayerScore (%)BB$ Prize
1kenomed73.1610 BB$
2mlodygda8371.645 BB$
3profikho71.175 BB$
4fido571.15 BB$
5Alienor270.535 BB$
6JDH70.115 BB$
719niklas6969.145 BB$
8Philipp9969.035 BB$
9poohbear695 BB$
10RBG68.475 BB$

Day 1 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)BB$ Prize
1ady_david83.275 BB$
2ashs81.095 BB$
3earslans80.415 BB$

Day 2 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)BB$ Prize
1kenomed80.815 BB$
2Kammerer77.895 BB$
3JDH77.475 BB$

Day 3 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)BB$ Prize
1kenomed74.165 BB$
2stanb73.435 BB$
3nemtsev73.095 BB$

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3-Day Mini Survivor

Overall Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)BB$ Prize
1jachu9371.4610 BB$
2Jo-Arne71.215 BB$
3vise323268.125 BB$
42times68.115 BB$
5sonmez2667.995 BB$
6micha26267.85 BB$
7Fawad167.775 BB$
8andreakis67.595 BB$
9tacai67.555 BB$
10RC1167.515 BB$

Day 1 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)BB$ Prize
1felix99984.825 BB$
2pine81.445 BB$
3Ceco6681.015 BB$

Day 2 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)BB$ Prize
1lubitel76.855 BB$
2evko bg75.965 BB$
3gracz5975.955 BB$

Day 3 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)BB$ Prize
12Z_NM76.655 BB$
2micha26274.685 BB$
3ggtoshev73.855 BB$

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*Players who enter with multiple aliases are not eligible for prizes.

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