If you're looking for a fast-paced, no-fuss game, hop into the ACBL Express Individual. There's no chat to table, and everyone plays in tempo using the same system. You don't need a partner to register, you'll be automatically matched with a new partner each round. Slow players are replaced with a robot (but they can get their seat back when the board in play ends). Games run hourly from 7AM to 1AM US Eastern Time, so you won't have to wait long for a game.

Why play ACBL Express Individuals?

  • No disruptions, you can just focus on the game
  • It's a fast paced, individual, human game
  • You don't need a partner, you'll be assigned a new partner every round
  • Games are stratified 
  • ACBL Masterpoints® awarded

How do I play?

Click ACBL World then select Ind. ACBL Express   

The nitty gritty

  • 12 boards with 2 boards per round
  • Available hourly from 7AM to 1AM US Eastern Time
  • 4.5 minutes per board
  • 30 seconds per bid or play
  • Everyone plays 2/1 GIB in tempo, no waiting for slow players
  • Robots used to temporarily replace slow players
  • Matchpoints or IMPs

Everyone plays the same system: BBO's 2/1 GIB. A default conventions card is available at each table. Chat to table is not active, and you have 30 seconds per bid or play. Players receive an alert when a few seconds remain and are temporarily replaced by a robot when the 30-second limit is over. If you get kicked out, don't panic. Log in and you'll be automatically reseated when the current board in play is over. If you wish to leave the game permanently, click Call Director, and select Withdraw.