Meet Lorand Dali, BBO Software Engineer

Discover more about Lorand Dali, our Software Engineer at BBO, who plays a crucial role behind the scenes to ensure the success of our projects. In this video, Lorand talks about his responsibilities at BBO and his involvement in the AI projects.

Don't forget to take part in our AI adventure during the Innovation Week (January 8-21).

Once you've been involved you'll be able to share your thoughts in this survey. You can also get involved in the discussion on the BBO Forum. You'll be actively shaping the future of online bridge.

To find out more about our AI work, you can see how five different bridge robots stack up against human competition here.

15 comments on “Meet Lorand Dali, BBO Software Engineer”

  1. Firstly thank you for your efforts and your contribution. However as I commented earlier, you should use your expertise in machine learning under the guide of a skilful architect and a gifted product manager, who will devise precisely what is the user community expectation (per segment) as an end-product and design the skeletton of each part so that they combine nicely: dynamic rules, the hidden root requirements of the selected bidding system and carding agreements. Finally, a concise description of the assumptions, e.g. 2/1, Voidwood RKC, small likes, direct parity Lavinthal discards: short is beautiful, and so much better than non-existing. Good luck Lorand, and thank you very much, you are surely an asset if used properly!

      1. Maybe you could think of hiring me or adding me to your Board. I am already a Board Member of a financial institution and trying to help :).

  2. I have a large black patch at the top of my screen since today, it appeared after adjusting cookies choice on the site, how can Iget back to a full usable screenplease

  3. BBO does not correctly encode Chinese characters properly in utf8 format and leads to invalid display of these Chinese characters. Please reply back to my email and I will send my crack on the root cause of this issue. Thanks

    1. please write me a chat message on BBO. my username is Lorserker. I would like to learn mor about this encoding issue.

  4. Hello. Welcome!
    Could you arrannge that when a person is needed to fill a gap caused by someone leaving during the match that you insert a noise so that we, who can help and step in, know when there is a space.We don't know when they come but a noise will tell us to be ready to play. TX

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