ACBL World Pairs - Valentine’s Day BB$ Giveaway

Wednesday, February 14th, 2024

Come and play in the ACBL World Pairs games this Valentine's day. As well as enjoying the bridge, you’ll also have chances to win random BB$ prizes and engage in entertaining quizzes and contests. Gifts will be awarded every 10 minutes throughout the day.

Participation and Prizes

  • Eligibility: All BBO users are eligible to participate in the ACBL World games.
  • Prizes: Surprise BB$ gifts will be randomly awarded to participants every 10 minutes and more prizes may be awarded if there is time for a quiz or contest.

How to Join

  • Go to ACBL World on the BBO platform - or click this link to go there directly.
  • Play any of the ACBL pair games to participate.
  • You will need a partner to register. If you don't have one, head over to the Partnership Desk where you can add your name, or invite someone.

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