ACBL 0-20 Daylong tournaments are perfect for novice players who want to practice their game while competing for ACBL masterpoints©. With up 24 hours to play 12 boards, you can just play at your own pace, leave the table, then resume the game later during the day without losing your results. There’s no pressure!

Who can participate?

Participation in this event is restricted to ACBL members with fewer than 20 masterpoints (Rooky & Junior Master ranks), providing a level playing field. ACBL members with fewer than 5 masterpoints play for free!

Is my “partner” nice?

Sure thing! All competitors sit South and play with three robots at the table. Our robots, called GIB, are very polite and patient: they wait for you to think about your play and will hang around if you need to leave the table for a while. 

How do GIB robots bid?

GIBs play a relatively simple 2/1 bidding system. Don’t worry if you are not an experienced 2/1 bidder: a meaning is provided with all bids. If a robot bid is not clear, just click on it to get more info. Also, when it’s time for you to bid, hover your mouse over each bid option to know more about its meaning (for mobile app users, turn on the setting “Confirm Bids” by going to Account > Settings).

Robots, just like all human partners, are not perfect: Sometimes their bidding deviates a bit from their actual hand.

Other important stuff

  • Don’t forget to register your ACBL number with us (not an ACBL member yet? Join now!)
  • Once you start playing, you have until 5am US Eastern Time to complete the 12 boards
  • The human player is dealt the hand with the highest card points. Always having a better hand makes bridge more fun!
  • This game is stratified, so players of all levels have a greater chance to earn masterpoints (players are divided in two or three groups called “strats”, depending on their masterpoint holding. Masterpoints are then awarded to the overall winners, as well as the top scorers in each strat).
  • As soon as you finish the tournament, a provisional leaderboard will be displayed. Your final results will be sent to your BBO mailbox, and they will also be available in History > Recent Tournaments, once the Daylong period ends.
  • If your robot partner is the declarer, you’ll play the hand. In that case, remember you’re now sitting North, so dummy is at the bottom of the table (hint: your username is now at the top). Once the hand is over, you return South.
  • For each board, we deal several different hands. Which means that most players will not play the same, say, board #5 than you do. This is an anti-cheating measure. Don’t worry, your scores are only compared to participants who played the same hand.