Abril 2024 BBOers Festival Winners

Abril's Festival news round-up

The Abril Festival has now come to an end, and here's how things panned out. In the Country vs. Country Championships, Türkiye came out on top with a score of 59.18%. In second place is Indonesia with its 54 players scoring 57.38%. Very closely behind, Poland finished third with 172 players, scoring 57.34%.

Special congratulations go to Cono Emanuele (emanuelec) for winning this month's Stars & Platinum Robot Individual with an overall result of 64.26%.

Thank you to everyone who played in the festival and congratulations to all the prize winners listed below. Well done!

Abril's Podiums

Country vs Country Championship3-Day Robot Survivor3-Day Mini SurvivorStars and Platinum Robot Individual
Kiril Tuliyski
(9 oplat)
Michal Nowosadzki
Cono Emanuele 
Enis Kirdar
(19 ZEUS 35)
Dave Robinson
(40 engsetter1)
(9 duyguc06)
Zachary Brescoll 
Daniel Wilderman
(65 daw28)
Mac Leonardo
(9 martelu)
Lucian Popescu
(6 lucian_71)
Yury Khyuppenen

Quicklinks to the results

Country vs Country
3 Day Robot Survivor
3 Day Mini Survivor

Country vs Country Championship

Country vs Country Prize Winners

RangoJugadorPaísScore (%)PuntosPremio
1oplatBulgaria68.4881.58100 BB$
2Zeus 35Türkiye68.2181.3550 BB$
3daw28United States67.8181.1325 BB$
4metozTürkiye67.4880.910 BB$
5tataaTürkiye67.4480.6710 BB$
6Jon A TUnited Kingdom66.9180.4510 BB$
7tec1234South Africa66.680.2310 BB$
8zibeauItaly66.578010 BB$
9joefriGermany66.2579.7810 BB$
10jhoerleinUnited States66.279.5610 BB$
11calyesilTürkiye66.1279.115 BB$
12microcapUnited States66.1178.895 BB$
13sherlockx1United States65.7578.675 BB$
14ImiltSweden65.7178.455 BB$
15PAWKOLPoland65.6278.245 BB$
16wtinyauTaiwan65.5378.025 BB$
17rifalpdlhIndonesia65.4577.85 BB$
18nurcenTürkiye65.4277.585 BB$
19jachu93Poland65.3677.375 BB$
20gulteksTürkiye65.3577.155 BB$
21iMi_Pakistan65.3376.945 BB$
22rick853United States65.2176.725 BB$
23mgokcenUnited States64.9876.515 BB$
24ergirdharUnited States64.8976.295 BB$
25dr_lordUnited States64.8476.085 BB$
26EWW1340United States64.7375.875 BB$
27wrongleadSweden64.6375.665 BB$
28bavard25United States64.5675.455 BB$
29petegossAustralia64.5575.245 BB$
30mariaanna1Poland64.4975.035 BB$
31xlalNorway64.4874.823 BB$
32AdachPoland64.4574.613 BB$
33sazan68Türkiye64.474.43 BB$
34dilekormanTürkiye64.374.193 BB$
35Ronald21The Netherlands64.2173.993 BB$
36Gkollen2Norway64.1873.783 BB$
37cncabooseUnited States64.1773.583 BB$
38dodotuTürkiye64.1573.373 BB$
39skiersiualPoland64.1473.173 BB$
40ElectricGScotland64.1372.963 BB$
41jordotronUnited States64.0872.661 BB$
41baylindTürkiye64.0872.661 BB$
43ernietCanada64.0472.151 BB$
44marteluIndonesia63.9971.951 BB$
45canyb81Türkiye63.9871.751 BB$
46bendeSweden63.9271.551 BB$
47noamdIsrael63.971.351 BB$
48jcortinaUnited States63.8571.151 BB$
49bibiibBulgaria63.8370.951 BB$
50benkyIndia63.7170.761 BB$

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3-Day Robot Survivor


RangoJugadorScore (%)Premio
1northsit72.5310 BB$
2engsetter170.785 BB$
3Martelu70.185 BB$
4gene5669.715 BB$
5f2g69.565 BB$
6kolo5769.485 BB$
7pauleGER68.365 BB$
8oldbridge268.265 BB$
92over1xiao68.025 BB$
10Alex.P67.955 BB$

Day 1 Winners

1orfoz0984.155 BB$
2willemm82.535 BB$
3northsit81.975 BB$

Day 2 Winners

RangoJugadorScore (%)Premio
1LunarCamel80.065 BB$
2Tasis78.135 BB$
2junaid78.135 BB$

Day 3 Winners

RangoJugadorScore (%)Premio
1oltus79.745 BB$
2engsetter179.495 BB$
3oldbridge277.155 BB$

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3-Day Mini Survivor

Overall Winners

RangoJugadorScore (%)Premio
1mr_zajob73.9710 BB$
2duyguc0669.995 BB$
3lucian_7168.985 BB$
4piotrek65968.635 BB$
5toluta68.385 BB$
6Bewango67.945 BB$
7robert_pr67.765 BB$
8venire67.725 BB$
9derppp67.525 BB$
10sr201167.285 BB$

Day 1 Winners

RangoJugadorScore (%)Premio
1ferrea80.785 BB$
2Lazboui80.225 BB$
3AntwerpSB79.085 BB$

Day 2 Winners

RangoJugadorScore (%)Premio
1wele183.265 BB$
2isk1178.095 BB$
3penguin377.855 BB$

Day 3 Winners

RangoJugadorScore (%)Premio
1av2777.185 BB$
2mr_zajob74.075 BB$
3tonieponie74.015 BB$

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