The Zenith Daylong reward hasn't been around for long, but it's already a firm player favorite. It's a true test of skill and there's a 70% prize payback that's distributed to those finishing in the top 30%. As with all daylongs, you can register, play at your own pace, leave the table, then resume the game later during the day without losing your results.

Why play Zenith Daylong Rewards?

  • 70% payback in prizes distributed to the top 30%
  • You'll be playing against a lot of other players
  • You do not need a partner to participate
  • A new tournament is available every day
  • You play at your own pace, have 24h to finish your boards, can stop and continue later and don't need to play in one sitting
  • You can win BB$ prizes and BBO Points. 

How do I play?

Click on All Tournaments and then select Zenith Daylong Reward

The nitty gritty

  • 16 boards
  • Individual tournament with robots
  • You sit South, and have three robot players sitting in the other three seats.
  • Matchpoints and BB$ rewards
  • Not best hand
  • Human Declares*
  • Deal Pool*
  • You’ll receive the final results the next day in a BBO mail, and in your list of Completed tournaments.

*Human Declares
The human player is switched into the North (Robot) seat whenever North is the declarer. The human player then declares the hand. When the hand is over, the human is switched back to his original seat.

*Deal Pool
For every board in a Daylong tournament, we deal multiple instances. (ie Not everyone gets the same board 1, board 2, etc.) This is an anti cheating measure.