Meet Yohan Pannet, BBO Senior Front-End Developer

Meet Yohan Pannet, our Senior Front-End Developer at BBO, who works behind the scenes to ensure the success of our projects. He talks about what he does, here at BBO.

Don't forget to take part in our AI adventure during the Innovation Week (January 8-21).

Once you've been involved you'll be able to share your thoughts in this survey. You can also get involved in the discussion on the BBO Forum. You'll be actively shaping the future of online bridge.

To find out more about our AI work, you can see how five different bridge robots stack up against human competition here.

12 comments on “Meet Yohan Pannet, BBO Senior Front-End Developer”

  1. one could kibbitz tourney play of others on OKB-why not here? also-why aren't we able to see tourney results that we've not personally played in?

  2. Please automatically default chat to "kibitzer chat" when I sit as a kib, and "table chat" when I sit as a player.

    1. Yes, please fix the stupid robots, one would think that all robots are progammed the same, why is it then that my robot takes out my 3NT with 4 majors and I go down, while other robots leaves in the 3NT and it makes plus 2 exactly the same bidding session
      my username is LOLLYPOPP

  3. Hi again Johan, I am used to offer my user community a repository where all current bugs and requests for improvements are held. Rhat includes requested priority, assigned priority, expected time of delivery, requestor, and obviously a short and a long description. This can be considered state of the art. Where is this available or when will it possibly be? Could you also tell us of the user segments that your product management has identified? I am curious about the split and the granularity. Many thanks!

  4. Hi Yohan! Thanks for your work. A request if ypu have time: Could you think of fixing this persistent irritating bug: the user gets inactivity timout warnings while actively busy on BBO. Enjoy your day!

  5. once again a price increase....but NO corresponding increase in UX!. We should be able to see ALL of result history, average percentages and percentages with select partners. This info is available on various software used by Face to Face clubs across the country. Please get with the times and make all this info available. Thanks.

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