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Datum: 11. Februar 2021

Bridge conventions are FUN! The ones we use and master become our identity, and the opponents don't know squat about them, and they sure don't know how to defend against them! Now, if we could only remember them ourselves.

So last Saturday in the 8PM Speedball, South tried a "Cappelletti" 1-suit 2♣ overcall/my 1NT, but we had a firm agreement - OR DID WE??

Vickie vergaß es sofort und versuchte es mit 2 = transfer to 2♠!! I was not totally ready to play, having scrambled through a hard half-hour Jeopardy TV quiz, and then an impossible Final Q - something about marsupials, or wombats (not my specialty.) So I was scatter-brained myself.

s? or ♠s?? - couldn't quite remember - and I was 2-2 in the majors. Hmmmm... I took the transfer to 2♠ justincase - and croaked when I saw dummy. Had I blown the bid or did Vickie? I ran into a 6-2 trump break, and after I took a few tricks and they took more, I saw that the clock was ticking down to 3 minutes left!!

AAAACK:) I made a snap battleground decision: Noticing we were not vulnerable, for the first time since I started playing pairs on BBO over 10 years ago - I quickly pounded the "CONCEDE ALL TRICKS" button with about 5 tricks left!

I don't know if I'da taken 1 or 2 (you can roll the movie and see that I will take 2 more ♣s) but I barely saved board 3 for us to get it back - at the cost of maybe 2 extra IMPs of the -4.5 IMPs we lost.

I felt like a budding SUPERHERO - maybe an AVENGER! 🙂 Let's meet our destiny!

They came out firing on board 3, our "Mulligan." This time Vickie opened 1NT and North Cappelletti-ed us again with 2♣! Of course we didn't have a chance to sort out our last fiasco, so has Vickie come to her senses? Or maybe I was wrong?? I shouted out a confident 2Ich vertraute darauf, was Vickie an Bord 2 tat und betete um Erlösung.

After South's 3♣, poor Vickie faced exactly the same dilemma that had terrified me on board 2 - two equal 4-card majors! She decided that she had erred on 2, but I had already switched to her opinion! 🙁 So she shouted out "3♠" - not appreciating the disaster-avoidance bids of 3 oder sogar 3, damit ich korrigieren kann! 🙁

Maybe I vaguely recalled another of our precious conventions : "TRANSFUSALS" (in several opening 1NT or 2NT sequences, we often refuse to accept transfers when we have only DOUBLETON. support for the major - "Nobody tells ME what to bid, dammit").

Also ließ ich sie 3 ♠ spielen und betete für 5 ♠ + 2. Das lief in eine 6-1 Trump-Split-Buzzsaw, für -500, als 3 war kalt und 4 nur -100.

DIZASTER! Wir haben -15 IMPs auf zwei Boards verloren und sind in Vergessenheit geraten.

Der KONVENTIONSKURS gab uns das Aussehen des BLIND, der den BLIND anführt. Werden wir jemals aufgewacht sein?


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