Churros Open Pairs

The pairs game for everyone

Short and sweet, 8 boards for you and partner. Ideal for when you’ve a bit of time to kill, and want to warm up the gray matter. You can even play while you’re waiting for your regular game to start. You’ll be up against various skill levels, from world class experts to absolute novices.

Game specifics

Start timeBoardsDurationScoring Entry Fee
Every hour, at 13 minutes past the hour848 minsMatchpointsFree

Game schedule

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Every hour, from 4:13 AM until 4:13 PM US Eastern
  • Saturday, Sunday and Monday
    Every hour, from 8:13 AM until 8:13 PM US Eastern

Where to find Churros Open Pairs

Click on Virtual Clubs > BBO World and look for Churros Open Pairs.

Churros Open Pairs