Protect Yourself

Internet security tips

Your safety is important. And it starts online. We do our best to keep unwary at bay, but we encourage you to follow these tips to protect yourself when you are on BBO and the Internet at large. Stay safe!

#1 - Keep your sensitive information private

Behind a computer, a friend may not be a friend, if you don't trust them, don't reveal anything personal about yourself.

  • Before you share personal information with an online acquaintance, consider any possible adverse effects you would experience if that information was made public. Do you still want to reveal it?
  • Excessively friendly brand new acquaintances asking for your whatsapp or other personal information are usually a red flag.
  • Before sharing your personal phone number or address in chat make sure your sensitive information you are sending by private message, is going to the right person - not the general public.
  • It's possible to have fun and enjoy yourself online while at the same time, maintaining a cautious and conservative mind set.

#2 - You are the only one to manage your money

Your money is yours, and in no case does BBO force you to pay or give your money away. You are the custodian of your transactions and your wallet, keep an eye on it and never give your credit card number!

  • You are under no obligation to pay entry fees, or to lend or donate money to anyone in BBO. There are many activities on BBO that cost no money at all, if all a person wants to do is play bridge.
  • If you do decide to allow someone to borrow money from you, you should do so understanding that there is no guarantee you will be repaid. If you donate, you don't know for sure if your donation is going to a starving orphan or into someone's pocket. The same rules apply on the internet as they do in day-to-day life.
  • Be conscious about keeping track of your BBO$ transactions. We show you all your transactions. Your account shows all BB$ deposits, and where, when and how you used each dollar. You can check your account for yourself anytime in BBO. (Email us at and ask if you don't know how).
  • We bridge players are a generous group and always eager to help those in need. It would not be right to never trust anyone. But it pays to be smart and do your research first. Just make sure you are also being treated fairly.

#3 - Make your passwords harder to guess

Your passport is like the key to your safety that contains all your personal belongings! So it's better to choose a good one… 🙂

  • A password protects your account. If your account has BB$, it's even more important to have a good password.
  • Make sure it is not too simple - use both letters and numbers in your password - never your own name.
  • If you feel your password needs to be changed, click Account to bring up your Profile Information, and change your password now.

So please, be alert as you surf the internet. BBO is one of the safest places on the internet. Just make sure you are protecting yourself!

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