Robot Rebate 55%

Fast, competitive and rewarding! 

Feeling competitive? Robot Rebate 55% is just the tonic. The idea is simple - score 55% or higher to win 150% of your entry fees back.  It's tough though, arguably one of the hardest robot games in fact. You'll need skill, consistency and a good sense of when to take a risk for that extra trick. 

Robot Rebates are similar to Robot Duplicate tournaments, except you've got the chance to win 150% of your entry fee back. As per Robot Duplicates, you must finish all the deals to finish in the overall rankings. Games take 45 minutes, so they're great if time's at a premium.

Why play Robot Rebate 55%

  • Score 55% or higher and win 150% of your entry fee back
  • Everyone has the same partner and opponents, which makes the game very fair
  • It's a real challenge, arguably the toughest game on BBO
  • Fast and fun - games last 45 minutes

How do I play?

Click on Robot World > Robot Rebate 55%

The nitty gritty

  • 12 boards, matchpoints
  • You play against robots with a robot partner
  • Best hand
  • Human declares