Award Symbols - what do they mean?

Author: Paul
Date: July 12, 2021

Ever wondered what the various numbers and letters appearing in players' profiles mean? They're award symbols and are modelled on bridge cards, ranging from 2 to Ace.

Every time you play and do well in a BBO premium game, you win BBO Points, which count towards your ranking. Think of these as rungs on a ladder - the more you play, the more you level up! You only need one BBO Point to get your very first BBO award symbol; a shiny 2 in your profile:

Climbing the BBO ladder is exciting and rewarding. Click on Competitive > BBO Points Tournaments to find all tournaments that award BBO Points. Most of the ACBL sanctioned and other NBO sanctioned games also award BBO Points, in addition to the national masterpoints they may give.

BBO Awards

Players who've earned between 1 and 500 points will see a BBO award symbol on their profile. If the number includes a '+' it means the player has earned more than half of the points required towards the next level.

BBO Master Awards

Players with at least 1000 points earn a BBO Master award symbol. This rank advances with every 100 masterpoints earned.

BBO Royal Awards

BBO Royalty! The top 250 BBO Points scorers of all time earn a BBO Royal award symbol. You don't need to bow or curtsy when you play them, but be sure to focus as you're in for a tough game!


Meet the stars! Star is a special status, its not won on BBO. It's a recognition of real life bridge achievement. When you see the star symbol you can be sure you're facing an excellent player and are in for a hard game! Stars are earned through participation in various World Championship events and/or success in major international tournaments.

Click here read more about the various BBO award symbols, along with the number of points you need to achieve them.

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