ACBL Flighted Pair games allow for a level playing field providing an opportunity to play against opposition of a similar standard. Players are put into flights according to strength: the strongest pairs play in the top flight against other strong pairs, and the less experienced pairs play with their peers in their own flight. Available at 5pm and 7pm Eastern time.

Why play ACBL Flighted Pairs?

  • Fair competition - you play against pairs of a similar level
  • It's a fast paced, pairs game
  • Earn ACBL Masterpoints® in under an hour
  • Play with your favorite partner or form new partnerships

How do I play?

Click on ACBL World, then select the ACBL Flighted-Pairs game of your choice.

The nitty gritty

  • You're put into flights according to strength
  • 12 boards, 3 boards per round
  • You need a partner to play - partnership desk available
  • Available at 5PM and 7PM US Eastern Time
  • 4.5 minutes per board
  • ACBL Open Chart applies
  • Matchpoints