Play Daylong Reward Best Hand with Steve Raine

Join Steve playing the Daylong Reward Best Hand during the BBOers Monthly Festival. He tackles the challenges and shares his strategy. Watch until the end to see if he ends up as one of the top players and grabs some BB$ prizes.

About the Daylong Reward Best Hand:

During the BBOers Monthly Festival, there’s one Daylong Reward Best Hand available every day. This special game is the festival variation of the popular Robot Reward tournaments. These are called reward tournaments as 80% of the fees go towards the prize pool and are paid back to the top scorers as BB$ prizes.

How to find the tournament?
On festival days (starting on the first Monday of the month for three days) go to: Competitive - All Tournaments - Search for ‘Daylong Reward Best Hand’.

Save the Date - the first Monday of every month BBOers Monthly Festival starts on the first Monday every month. Don’t miss out on the excitement and rewards that await you!

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