Bookworm Bridge Conundrums #7

This conundrum was written by Mark Horton and was originally published in the book, Misplay These Hands With Me - you can find out all about it further down the page.

Playing with an expert partner in a late round of the Spring Fours against a pair who also likes to add to the confusion, I hold as dealer at game all:

Remembering in time that we are not playing Precision, I open One Heart. West enters the lists with Four Diamonds. Partner bids Four Hearts and East Five Diamonds. These exchanges have left our side a trifle short of room to explore, but I bid Six Hearts. Rather surprisingly, this is passed out.

West leads the two of spades and partner produces:

About the book

Horton leads the reader through a plausibly logical line of play on each instructive deal, but one that ends in failure. In each post-mortem, the 'expert' realizes how he could have improved on his play, and (usually) have made his contract. The deals are all from top-class events, which prove to be a remarkably fertile source of such material. A book filled with subtle humor and great bridge. Reviews Misplay with Me is the best written bridge book since Reese. I thoroughly enjoyed it. - Charles Lipman

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