Try ACBL Speedball Pairs with Steve Raine

Watch Steve play one of the most popular ACBL pair games, Speedball Pairs. How will he and partner fare, and will they win any ACBL Masterpoints®? How would you play the hands?

About ACBL Speedball Pairs

Each game consists of 12-boards, divided into 4 rounds with 3 boards each. You'll have 4.5 minutes to play each board, perfect if you enjoy a fast-paced game. They run throughout the day, from 7am to 1am Eastern. You have the flexibility to play multiple sessions based on your availability. You can also choose between Matchpoints and IMPs scoring.

How to Find the game

You can either click this link to go to the right section of the BBO menu, or if you are already logged in to BBO click on ‘ACBL World’, then select the ACBL Speedball Pairs of your choice.

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