Try BBO Robot Duplicates with Steve Raine

See the strategy that landed Steve in the top 3

About BBO Robot Duplicates

Robot Duplicates are great for when you want a game of bridge, but can only spare 30 minutes. They start every few minutes, meaning you can squeeze in some bridge whenever's convenient. Your performance is compared with other people, playing the same deals. It's a pure test of skill, on a level playing field.

How to Find the game

You can either click this link to go to the right section of the BBO menu, or if you are already logged in to BBO click on ‘Robot World’, then select the Robot Duplicate of your choice.

7 comments on “Try BBO Robot Duplicates with Steve Raine”

    1. The alerts they give are often misleading which makes you make the wrong bid - very discouraging and frustrating

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