New ACBL Games on BBO as of March 1st

Dear BBO Members,

On March 1st, we updated our daily ACBL games schedule to remove some game formats, and add new ones.

Schedule Changes:

  • ACBL 18 board Open Pair games transitioned to shorter, 16 board pair games, with an entry fee of 3.49 BB$.
  • ACBL 18 board Daylong games shifted to 16 boards, with a new entry fee of 2.69 BB$.
  • ACBL 18 board "limited" pair games (0-499 and 0-1500 Masterpoint limits) are now12 board pair games, with an entry fee of 2.29 BB$.
  • We've introduced ACBL 12-board Open Pairs games, offering a slower pace (6 minutes per board) to accommodate players seeking shorter games without the pressure of speedballs' rapid pace of play. The entry fee is 2.29 BB$.
  • Additionally, we've increased the frequency of speedballs, and 0-499 / 0-1500 games, allowing for more flexible scheduling for our players.

These ACBL sanctioned games below remain unchanged:

  • ACBL Speedball Pairs (12 Boards), with an entry fee of 2.29 BB$
  • ACBL Daylong (12 boards). Categories for Open, Non-Life Master, Life Master, 299er, 0-20, and a complimentary 0-5 option are available. Entry fee is 1.99 BB$ (except for the 0-5 which is free).
  • ACBL Express Individual (12 boards), with an entry fee of 1.49 BB$
  • ACBL Robot Duplicate (12 boards), with an entry fee of 1.99 BB$.

For any additional questions on prices, Masterpoints®, and the schedule, please take a look at the FAQ here.


The BBO Team

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