March 1st: Your ACBL games are changing

Dear BBO Members,

The American Contract Bridge League recently announced a significant 435% increase in the table fee for 18-board games. Rather than passing this burden onto you, we're taking this opportunity to enhance our offerings by introducing new and improved games while discontinuing our current ACBL 18-board games. While we know that those games are very popular, the increased fees make hosting these games prohibitive. Here's what's coming:

Introducing New Game Formats on March 1st

  • ACBL 16-board Open Pairs: a friendly yet competitive bridge format designed to provide an enjoyable experience at a relaxed pace. With 16 boards, the game strikes the perfect balance — ensuring results that reward consistency, while still leaving you ample time to enjoy one more game or return to your other hobbies. Available every hour!
    Entry fee: 3.49 BB$.
  • ACBL 12-board Open Pairs: A more compact variation of the 18 board Open Pairs, the 12-board Open Pairs tournaments are tailored to maximize your opportunity to earn masterpoints affordably at a relaxed pace.
    Entry fee: 2.29 BB$.
  • ACBL 0-499 and 0-1500 Pairs, 12 boards: Your favorite 0-499 and 0-1500 pair games get a makeover with 12 boards and 6 minutes per deal. Available every twice an hour, from early morning until late evening.
    Entry fee: 2.29 BB$.
  • ACBL 16-board Daylong : Perfect for players seeking a stress-free environment, with 24 hours to complete 16 boards at your own pace. Pause and resume whenever you wish, ensuring a game that fits seamlessly into your day and rewards consistency.
    Entry fee: 2.69 BB$.

Additionally, you can still enjoy our current lineup of exciting games

  • ACBL Speedball Pairs (12 Boards): A shorter, slightly faster-paced pairs game. Each game wraps up in just under an hour, providing the perfect opportunity to double your play—and potentially your Masterpoints®—within the same timeframe typically reserved for one 18-board session.
    Entry fee: 2.29 BB$.
  • ACBL Daylong: Enjoy 12 boards at your leisure, with the flexibility to pause and resume without losing progress. Categories for Open, Non-Life Master, Life Master, 299er, 0-20, and a complimentary 0-5 option cater to all skill levels.
    Entry fee: 1.99 BB$ (except for the 0-5 which is free).
  • ACBL Express Individual: ACBL Express Individual: A fast-paced, chat-free game with random partners, ensuring excitement and variety.
    Entry fee: 1.49 BB$.
  • ACBL Robot Duplicate: Everyone plays the same cards with the same robot partner and opponents, adding a new challenge.
    Entry fee: 1.99 BB$.

Click here to see new ACBL games schedule.

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We also understand that adjustments to our offerings may come as a surprise, and we're committed to ensuring minimal disruption to your experience on our platform.
Thank you for your understanding and support as we navigate these changes. Let’s ensure BBO continues to be a welcoming place for bridge players from all over the world.


The BBO Team

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