Marrakech World Championship Coverage

This is the right place to find all the news from the World Championships that were held in Marrakech in August and September 2023. There are summaries of the best of the action from the quarters, semis and finals, as well as daily wraps of the best of the action that was covered on BBO Vugraph.

Movenpick Mansour Eddahbi Palais des Congrès

Championship highlights

Everyone’s a Winner - The Finals: A look back at the finals from the World Bridge Championships in Marrakech.

When you wish upon a Star - The Semi-Finals: Action from the Bermuda Bowl, the d'Orsi Trophy, and The Transnational.

There’s no Crying in Bridge - The quarterfinals were full of drama, especially in the last session where the deals offered numerous chances for the teams needing swings.

On Top, Again - Michal Wróbel Wins Silver - Congratulations to Michal (Winner of the Bridge Olympic eSports Week) who won Silver in the Transnational

The Daily Wrap - Vugraph from the Championships

The Finals - Day 14The Finals - Day 13
The Semis - Day 12The Semis - Day 11
The Quarters - Day 10The Quarters - Day 9
Qualifiers - Day 8Qualifiers - Day 7
Qualifiers - Day 6Qualifiers - Day 5
Qualifiers - Day 4Qualifiers - Day 3
Qualifiers - Day 2Qualifiers - Day 1

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