BBOers May Festival Winners

Thanks to all the participants of the BBOers May Festival. We hope that you enjoyed playing some thrilling boards and had a fantastic time overall.

May Festival news round-up

The Country vs Country Championships were fiercely contested. The Indonesian team emerged victorious with an impressive average player score of 57.06%. Congratulations to the 42 Indonesian players who delivered an outstanding performance. The Polish team finished in second place with an average score of 56.86%, while the Turkish team slipped to third place with a total of 218 players and an average score of 56.73%. Check out the full list of the top 10 countries below.

Congratulations also go to Alex Perlin (ashdown4) from Metuchen, NJ, who emerged as the champion of the Stars & Platinum Robot Individual with an impressive overall result of 63.62%. Alex played consistently throughout the tournament, securing the top spot on the leaderboard.

As always, the survivor games were a huge hit, with over 12,000 participants in each tournament. Thank you to all the participants who made the festival such a success and congratulations to all the prize winners listed below. Well done!

The BBOers May Festival Podiums

Country vs Country Championship3-Day Robot Survivor3-Day Mini SurvivorStars and Platinum Robot Individual
Alfatihah Reno (jokermerah)Yauheni Siutsau (zhenya__S)Emil Atanasov (emo58)Alex Perlin (ashdown4)
(lolobrigid)Jan Dixon (a whippet)Chuansi Ma (mcs7777)Robert Schachter (punkydoodl)
Silvia Isaeva (SiSiTo)Peter Lieberman (plieber)Jan (kontiki_)Bob Crossley (juggler)

Quicklinks to the results

Country vs Country
3 Day Robot Survivor
3 Day Mini Survivor

Country vs Country Championship

Top 10 Countries

CountryPlayers  Score
United States50655.68
United Kingdom19053.80

Country vs Country Prize Winners

RankPlayerCountryScore (%)PointsPrize
1jokermerahIndonesia66.6127.01100 BB$
2lolobrigidWorld66.5326.8150 BB$
3SiSiToBulgaria66.526.625 BB$
4tzigane13United States66.0726.210 BB$
5engsetter1United Kingdom65.4926.0110 BB$
6jurekkPoland65.0825.6210 BB$
7rain2United States65.0525.4210 BB$
8ub_kidIndonesia64.8225.2310 BB$
9sxgIndonesia64.8125.0410 BB$
10onder62Turkey64.824.8510 BB$
11pikaro2Poland64.6824.675 BB$
12nasko1966Bulgaria64.4424.485 BB$
13ClausMJDenmark64.0824.295 BB$
14sukipPoland63.8524.115 BB$
15DociSweden63.5623.935 BB$
16toufuCanada63.5523.755 BB$
17adamebaPoland63.5323.485 BB$
17BladeGermany63.5323.485 BB$
19jcortinaUnited States63.4623.225 BB$
20nisimiko58Israel63.4123.045 BB$
21JoetheProIndia63.3822.875 BB$
22nurcenTurkey63.3422.695 BB$
23microcapUnited States63.3122.525 BB$
24saurus53World63.1522.195 BB$
25s batoryWorld63.0322.025 BB$
26mithatkTurkey6321.855 BB$
27ozgeeuTurkey62.9921.695 BB$
28RoelandMWorld62.921.525 BB$
29fyllefantNorway62.8421.365 BB$
30ericxiao1United States62.8121.25 BB$
31KurtONorway62.7721.043 BB$
32MelbyNorway62.6920.883 BB$
33CFT_114Indonesia62.5620.723 BB$
34ercan67Turkey62.4820.493 BB$
35daw28United States62.4820.493 BB$
36kemenche61Turkey62.4220.263 BB$
37sw1United States62.3820.113 BB$
38crivalsItaly62.319.953 BB$
39tiagomsPortugal62.2819.83 BB$
40rick853United States62.1819.363 BB$
41janina2112Poland62.1319.211 BB$
41sherlockx1United States62.1119.071 BB$
43casoar99World61.9918.931 BB$
44PaulinhoUnited States61.9818.781 BB$
45ETUDE4United States61.8718.641 BB$
46hkn85Turkey61.8518.51 BB$
47tahitian cUnited States61.8218.361 BB$
48k_ramyIsrael61.7718.221 BB$
49onur_01Turkey61.7318.091 BB$
50aks75India61.717.881 BB$
50czikiUnited Kingdom61.717.881 BB$

Click here to see all the results for the Country vs Country Championship

3-Day Robot Survivor


RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1zhenya__S73.2510 BB$
2a whippet71.585 BB$
3plieber69.595 BB$
4fizzcat69.215 BB$
5sieong68.435 BB$
6luggage66.965 BB$
7enidl66.755 BB$
8Tiiduke66.745 BB$
9sotniku66.535 BB$
10robur66.55 BB$

Day 1 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1berny7580.275 BB$
2fizzcat80.195 BB$
3ub_kid80.035 BB$

Day 2 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1a whippet84.115 BB$
2thatsBob79.85 BB$
3pfd77.665 BB$

Day 3 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1zhenya__S83.275 BB$
2enidl77.315 BB$
3Grishav73.965 BB$

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3-Day Mini Survivor

Overall Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1emo5869.5210 BB$
2mcs777769.45 BB$
3kontiki_69.285 BB$
4Orac768.475 BB$
5torgnyb67.965 BB$
6rep55567.645 BB$
7Mind4267.625 BB$
8laudine67.395 BB$
9can4066.935 BB$
10setsantos66.45 BB$

Day 1 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1benkartal81.635 BB$
2auron9579.565 BB$
3cyganus79.245 BB$

Day 2 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1emo5880.275 BB$
2shireysa79.325 BB$
3Teddycm77.175 BB$

Day 3 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1audine78.215 BB$
2allaxandr77.975 BB$
3ismet0577.75 BB$

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