Kevin Lane (geokevin) wins March's Stars & Platinum Robot Individual

The Stars & Platinum Robot Individual tournament has come to a thrilling conclusion, with players from around the world showcasing their best gameplay to secure a spot in the leaderboard. After three days of intense competition, Kevin Lane (geokevin) from Long Beach, CA, emerged as the winner with an impressive overall score of 62.62%.

Kevin Lane's performance improved consistently throughout the tournament, starting with a score of 60.31% on Day 1, then jumping to 63.03% on Day 2, and finally reaching an impressive 64.53% on Day 3. His consistent and steady gameplay proved to be the winning formula, and he takes home the top prize with pride.

In second place is George Wang (ggnaw) from El Monte, CA, with an overall score of 61.07%. Wang's performance improved dramatically from Day 1, where he scored 55.92%, to Day 2, where he scored an impressive 63.14%. He continued to showcase his skills on Day 3, with a score of 64.16%, securing his spot in the top 3.

Cengiz Arigun (arigun) from Türkiye, also put up a strong showing throughout the tournament, earning him third place with an overall score of 60.79%. Arigun's performance remained consistent throughout the tournament, with scores of 59.68% on Day 1, 62.48% on Day 2, and 60.22% on Day 3.

The competition was intense, with many players putting up strong performances. The leaderboard was constantly changing, with players vying for the top spots. It was a true test of skill and strategy, and all the participants rose to the challenge.

Congratulations go to all the prize winners below and thank you to all the players for participating in this exciting event and making it a success. We look forward to seeing you all in the next month's BBOers Festival.

Overall Results


Overall winners:

  • 1st: 100 BB$
  • 2nd: 50 BB$
  • 3rd: 25 BB$
  • 4th to 10th: 10 BB$
  • Top 3 daily winners got 10 BB$ each

You can find the Day 1 result here and the Day 2 result here.

One of the most interesting hands played by Kevin during the tournament occurred on Day 2. The contract was 3NT, a common contract for many players, but not everyone was able to successfully make it. Most players either went down by one or managed to secure nine tricks. However, Kevin was the only player who successfully made the contract up 1 and earned a maximum score of 100% for this hand.

The hand began with a heart lead of the 9. All players, including Kevin, raised with the Q. East then won it with the K and continued with the ♠A, followed by another spade. At this point, most players won the trick with the ♠J as they threw the ♠K when opponent played the ♠A, and proceeded to play clubs, then they claimed 9 tricks to be 4 Clubs, 3 Diamonds, and 2 Spades.

In contrast, Kevin had a different strategy. He kept the ♠K in dummy when his opponent played the ♠A, allowing him to win the next spade trick in dummy. He then played a heart, which was ducked by East, and followed up with the ♣A. He returned to his hand with the A and played another ♣, which West followed with the ♣J. He raised with the ♣Q on dummy, which was won by East's ♣K. In this case, East did not cash the A and instead returned a spade. They might think Kevin no longer has Spade stopper and tried to make the contract down. On the contrary, it made and Kevin was able to claim all the remaining tricks with his remaining entries and made the contract up 1.

Overall, this hand demonstrated Kevin's excellent strategy and ability to think outside the box, ultimately leading him to victory in the tournament.

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