Day 2 of March's Stars and Platinum: Onno Eskes Takes the Lead

The Stars & Platinum Robot Individual tournament continued to heat up on Day 2, with players from around the world bringing their best game to the virtual tables. To catch up on the action so far, you can find the results from Day 1 here. As the competition reached its halfway point, it was clear that the race for the top spots was still wide open.

Onno Eskes (onno) from the Netherlands emerged as the frontrunner after Day 2, with an impressive overall score of 62.88%. Onno's performance improved dramatically from Day 1, where he scored 55.74%, to Day 2, where he scored a staggering 70.01%. With his consistent and impressive gameplay, Onno has positioned himself as a strong contender for the top prize.

Following closely behind Onno is Benjamin Pope III (bpope) from Norfolk, VA, who secured the second spot with an overall score of 62.81%. Although he experienced a slight dip in his performance from Day 1, where he scored 64.12%, he still managed to hold on to a top position with a score of 61.49% on Day 2.

In third place is Joshua Stark (redubl1) from Grayslake, IL, with an overall score of 62.38%. Joshua also saw a decline in his performance on Day 2, where he scored 59.06%, but his strong showing on Day 1, where he scored 65.70%, has kept him in the running for the top spots.

Despite a strong showing on Day 1 with an impressive score of 69.33%, Juan Carlos Ventín (phave) slipped to fourth place after Day 2 with an overall score of 62.35%. Meanwhile, Zahari Zahariev rounded out the top 5 with an overall score of 61.92%.

With Day 3 in progress, the race for the top spots is still anyone's game. The competition has been fierce and exciting so far, and the final day promises to be just as thrilling. Stay tuned for the final results and see who will come out victorious.

Result after Day 2

Find here for the result from Day 1.

Let's take a closer look at one of the intriguing hands that played Onno Eskes. Board 14 presented a familiar scenario, with most players opting for the 4S contract. However, Onno managed to extract an impressive 10 tricks, while many other players went down by one.

The opening lead was K, and opponents won it with A before playing ♣10. East followed with the ♣J, and Declarer won with the ♣A. At this point, many players would have drawn trump with the ♠A and ♠, forcing the opponents to lose the trick to three spade tricks and the K.

However, Onno had a different plan in mind. After winning with the Club, he played the J. West followed with the Q, and Onno won it in dummy with the A. He played another to hand and followed up with the ♣K, then played the ♣9 and ruffed it in dummy. This play revealed that the ♣Q was dropped in East, allowing Onno to promote his last Club.

Next, he played the K to discard his diamond loser and followed up with the trump, ♠A, and another ♠. Even though the Spades were not split 3-3, Onno had already secured two more tricks.

Onno's strategic play on Board 14 showcases his exceptional skills and ability to see the bigger picture. It's hands like these that make the BBOers Festival such an exciting and challenging event for players from around the world.

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