J. C. Ventín (phave) leads the March's Stars and Platinum after Day 1

The highly-anticipated BBOers Festival is well underway, and one of its most exciting events is the Stars & Platinum Robot Individual. With 937 players registered, yesterday marked the start of the competition, and players from around the world brought their A-game to the virtual tables. The leaderboard after Day 1 revealed a clear frontrunner:

Juan Carlos Ventín (phave), from Spain, who dominated the field with an impressive score of 69.33%. Jim Munday (jmunday), hailing from Albuquerque, secured the second spot with a commendable score of 66.08%, followed closely by Roy Martin (rtm4707) from Vestavia Hills, who finished with 65.72%. With Day 2 in progress and Day 3 still to come, it's anyone's guess who'll emerge victorious. Tune in tomorrow to catch the action from the final day!

Result after Day 1

About the Stars and Platinum Robot Individuals

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